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To create a safer environment by educating people to instinctively and proactively plan for emergencies.


BOSS Corporation is a leader in the field of life safety and offers cutting edge, interactive life safety training programs.  Our innovative services are constantly ...

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When you invest in a safety program you’re investing in people, not a piece of paper.  To create a truly effective program you must train your occupants to implement the program; these people, not the paper, are your true Plan, and their readiness will ultimately determine its effectiveness.

At BOSS Corporation, we create truly effective and sustainable safety programs with the end in mind, not just the requirements.  We understand that everyone has industry specific needs which is why our team is made up of safety experts, first responders, and business professionals that can relate to your perspective.  Whether you are a high-rise or low-rise building, industrial, commercial or residential, we can design, implement, and maintain a safety program.

Since every program is different and there is not an ‘out of the box’ solution, we cannot list pricing on our website.  Please contact us to discuss your specific needs so we can provide you an effective, site-specific solution. 


SFPC Launches BOSS Corporporation!

Emergency Preparedness.  It’s a word that means something different to everyone.  To your family it can mean a safety kit in your basement or a plan to quickly leave the city; to a business owner it may involve protecting employees and shutting down critical systems; and to an investment broker it can mean moving money.

No matter your definition, it’s a plan and successful planning requires teamwork.  Unfor

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